Pure Angel Body Soap
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There is a link between face and body skins. If you only clean your face up and don't care about your body skin, you will get, as a result, rough skin on both sides of the body. What is important to make your body skin smooth is to gently exfoliate dead cells of your body. Dead cells on your body skin stay more easily and remain a gritty feel. It is very important to get rid of excess oil and dirt with moisture rich bubble.


Item description 【 Pure Angel Body Soap 】

Bodily dirt is tougher to clean up than facial dirt. You can never clean it up by rubbing hard. It is important to clean dirt, excess oil and dead cells with soft suds.

•  Coral clay is adsorbed to pore-clogging dirt and annoying blackhead. →

・ Enzyme removes annoying rough and old keratin.

・ Bodily cleansing is the royal road to make beautiful skin.

Product contents

○ Detergency: palm-derived cleansing component

○ Dirt adsorption: Contains coral clay five times as much as Angel Soap.

○ Keratin care: Old keratin causes rough and pimply skin. Papain enzyme, lipase glycolic acid and bifidus fermentation extract remove old keratin softly, and keep your skin moist and smooth.

Mild peeling with special soft suds: It makes your skin moist and smooth.

○ Protection: Citron ceramide which is similar to human keratin ceramide boosts barrier function of surface skin.

○ Tighten skin care: Rice bran extract, marine collagen, pearl protein and caffeine give a moist feeling, and caffeine tightens up your skin.