Pure Deep Moist Spa
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Body skin absorbs beauty component most easily just after washed off dirt and dead cells by the Pure Angel Body Soap. Rie's body care is completed by spreading rich moist component through her body. The Dead Sea salt and the Himalayan ruby salt which contain rich minerals shift water in your body by the power of osmotic water shift. Mineral-based moist component covers whole body like a moist veil. It keeps your skin creamy like Rie in the next morning as well as after taking a bath.


Item description 【 Pure Deep Moist Spa 】


The Dead Sea is a salt lake which has the lowest water level (400m below sea level) in the world.

The lake is ten times saltier than the ocean and contains abundant natural mineral from desert which is essential to good health.

This kind of natural phenomena made Dead Sea as a world-famous spa resort.

The Dead Sea is known since ancient times as a treasury of natural materials which have magical healing effects. People from many parts of the world visited the lake and received benefits.

Historical record tells us that Cleopatra loved this place and she occupied there.

Unusual environment of Dead Sea creates components like magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and iodine etc.

Himalayan ruby salt

Himalayan ruby salt is a red mineral crystal fossil which is excavated from a stratum 3.8 hundred million years, and it's only minable in the area of 5000m above sea level in the Nepali Himalayan mountains. Ancient seawater was kept in the ground by tectonic activities and magma heated it for some hundred million years, and finally it was fossilized. Ruby salt receives worldwide attention as rock salt which is rare and high quality. Local people use ruby salt as medicine.

○ Moisturizer

Ten kinds of natural moisturizer

Nano marine collagen: Collagen extracted from scales of sparidae in Thai and Indonesia.

Low molecular hyaluronan: Contains plenty of moisture

Citron ceramide: Ceramide extracted from citron which is similar to human ceramide for the first time.

Rice extract: From Tanba sasayama, Soybean(rice-duck farming), Aloe vera extract,

Chlorella extract, apple extract, Puerariae radix extract, peach leaf extract

Keeping moisture is essential to have baby-like beautiful skin. Pure Deep Moist Spa contains various amino acids and minerals to form healthy and smooth skin. You can enjoy moist feeling after taking a bath.

Pure Deep Moist Spa makes you feel refreshed, at the same time, natural mineral moisturizer forms new skin for you. From deep inside of your body to surface of your skin, it cleans up your skin and gives you moist beautiful skin. It's exactly “ the gorgeous moist spa ”.