● Greeting

As a Beauty therapist, my desire is to help those people who have skin problems such as freckles and lines. I also want to tell people how to have young looking skin, and I want them to age beautifully. The greatest pleasure to me is customer satisfaction. I promise to continue to send great treatments in order to make your skin more beautiful.My mission is to introduce fabulous treatments that come from my own experience to many people, that meet their constant demand for beauty. I feel very happy when I see their smiles of delight. People need a good appetite and good sleep, and they also need a desire for beauty. Many people are modest when they receive compliments about their looks, but I think people can be more openly pursuing of beauty. You should be happy when people say you are beautiful. Its important to have a strong grasp of your interests and goals.

● ‘'What? Is that really a 50 years olds skin?''
The secret of young looking beautiful skin is facial cleansing.
Make-up specialists who work with show-business celebrities are surprised to see my beautiful skin. I don't even need foundation when I appear on TV every time (this comes from my beauty philosophy which attaches importance to the power of the bare skin), costars and female staff usually look on me with envy. What is the secret of unusually youthful and beautiful skin? I'd like to tell you the secret is my original skin care theory and facial cleansing which I have established after much time and investment.
● Childhood experiences

I was troubled with allergies from a young age, and I went to many hospitals and met many doctors. They all said the same thing in the end… “Keep your skin clean.”Doctors advised me to avoid using excess treatments and use soap to wash my face. In the beginning I was afraid to use only soap when I washed my face. After a few days, I found that my skin looked totally different. I realized that to “keep it off” is more important than “to put it on” just like the doctors said. I finally found that “keeping it off” makes your skin clean, and re-enables the skin to protect itself.

● The secret story of developing morning and night soaps
I had terrible skin troubles in my thirties. I continued putting full makeup on to cover my badly troubled skin, (I liked makeup from the beginning, by the way), and my skin tone became awful… At that time I became sick and ended up in hospital. The nurses told me not to use makeup, and I didn't because I was in hospital. In those days I only used soap, but I found my skin tone had unknowingly gotten better. Once again, I realized the importance of “keeping it off” and to keep clean just like my doctors said. I started to stick to soaps, and studied about different types and ingredients like solid form 、 milled soap and powder soap etc. It took me a long time to develop a satisfactory soap, but I found that we can have smooth natural skin and reduce burden on the skin by changing cleansing habits and use of products because there are differences in skin cleanliness between morning and night. Then finally I established the present facial cleansing system.
● Message for customers
Both of my parents and I were big fans of mail-order goods for a long time. We were kind of mail-order maniacs, and our house was flooded with those goods we bought through TV shopping and catalog orders. Sometimes we were disappointed after receiving those goods, because they were a far cry from what we expected, without proper account. Now, I'm developing products from a customer's point of view. I'm up close to customers, and if you are happy after you have used my products, then I am very happy. Rather than persuading you, I want you to be satisfied. I want you to experience the happiness of being beautiful as I have. I deeply hope that then people will compliment you on your appearance. I also hope you can respect yourself, make yourself a beautiful person and become a woman who is loved.
Why do you need two soaps?

The major causes of dirty skin in the morning are skin oils, bodily waste and bacteria eliminated from the body during sleep. So, what you need in the morning is the mild cleanser which never harms your skin so you never need anything more. At night, on the other hand, you have many difficult things like makeup and dust acquired from the outside etc. You need a reliable cleanser which can clean your pores and remake pure skin.Using two different types of soap to suit different causes of dirt is exactly the effective facial cleansing which I attach paramount importance to and have spent a very long time doing.

Nourish in the morning, indulge at night. The key for beautiful skin is flexible facial cleansing.
The key point of facial cleansing with “Pure Green Soap” in the morning is to make natural skin stronger and more vibrant. It can protect and help your skin stay healthy into the night with minimal use of ingredients such as catechin and Scwaran. At night on the other hand, skin regenerative function is active. You can spoil your skin by using “Pure Angel Soap”. It is full of high quality beauty ingredients like CoQ10 and hyaluronan, that make your skin healthier. It's more effective to add the essence called “Pure Best Moisture”. Beautiful skin was not built in a day. If you continue to do my facial cleansing, you will get natural beautiful skin!!

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