Pure Green Soap (Morning beauty soap)
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Morning beauty soap (Labeling on the package is “Frame milled soap”)
90g (for about 2 months)
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Bubble sponge
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The major causes of dirty skin in the morning are skin oils, bodily waste and bacteria eliminated from the body during sleep. So, what you need in the morning is a mild cleanser which never harms your skin, so you never need anything more. At night, on the other hand, you have many difficult things like makeup and dust from the outside etc. You need a reliable cleanser which can clean your pores and remake pure skin.Using two different types of soap to suit different causes of dirt is exactly the effective facial cleansing which Rie attaches paramount importance to and has spent a very long time doing.


Item description 【 Pure Green Soap (Morning beauty soap) 】

Pure Green Soap (Morning beauty soap) was developed from Rie's beauty theory and indeed Rie has skin that doesn't look like 50 years old. For morning facial cleansing which is a key point to nourishing your skin, the Pure Green Soap protects your skin and cleans dirt during sleep thanks to its soft suds. It's for healthy skin without makeup at night.

【 Rie's facial cleansing theory 】
“The type of dirt on skin is different in the morning and at night. Is it OK to use only one beauty soap?” Arising from this issue, Rie developed morning and night soaps to respond to different types of dirt. The first priority is the softness of the skin, because minor abrasions also can be a cause of lines.

※ She is far past the age when one normally cares about appearance and physique , but Rie still has beautiful skin which requires no makeup.
【 Ingredients for combating dirty skin in the morning 】
Morning facial cleansing is the key to nourishing your skin. If you apply too many beauty products, the original skin power will be weakened. Based on this theory, she devised her own product. Dirty skin in the morning contains skin oils, bodily waste and bacteria etc, so a strong cleanser is not needed, and it's different from the situation at night. So, she recommends the weak acidic, soft cleanser and facial cleansing which will not hurt the skin. The morning soap contains catechin which will not hurt the skin. It makes fine lather and removes the dirt and impurities.

【 The best skin with the minimum use of products. 】
In the morning, you only need the minimum of beauty ingredients to keep your skin naturally healthy. Scwaran preserves your skin's moisture to keep skin looking beautiful in the daytime.


Amino-acid cleansing component


Green tea catechin
Copper chlorophyllin
Glycerin (natural-derived oil)
● Weak acidity
●Ingredients (same as package): Potash-containing soap base, DPG, Water, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sucrose, Sucrose stearate, Green tea catechin, stearoyl glutamate2Na, Scwaran, Copper chlorophyllin disodium, Tetrasodium etidronate
Potash-containing soap base
Dried liquid soap called neat soap. Mainly contains potassium fatty acid. It's used as a cleaner and emulsifier.
Avoid over-removal of skin oils. (hygroscopicity)
Clear, colorless, odorless and hygroscopic sticky liquid
It's used as a moisturizer and softener which moisturizes the skin cells, since it's hygroscopic.
The ingredient is made by purified extracts of sugarcane and sugar radish. It is used widely as sweetener and syrup. As an ingredient of cosmetics, it's used for transparent soap.
Sucrose stearate
The ingredient is made by sucrose and a natural-derived oil fatty acid. It's used as an emulsifier of cosmetics. It also keeps skin soft. This is a very safe substance which is mild to the skin and mucous membranes
Green tea catechin
stearoyl glutamate2Na
Lathering effect, smoothness
Human skin oil contains scwaran. It is favorable for an emollient effect
Copper chlorophyllin Na
Component to prevent skin roughness
Tetrasodium etidronate

It's used to avoid deterioration caused by trace metal in the water of basic skin care.

● How to use: Lather with associated sponge. After lathering, gently wash your face.
● PRECAUTIONS :  Stop use if product disagrees with your skin or if you have any medical skin conditions.
● Best before use : 6 months after unsealed
● Made in Japan