Q10 Pure Angel Soap
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Contents :
100 g (for about 2 months)
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Bubble sponge
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Contain CoQ10 (moisturizer)
Item description 【 Q10 Pure Engel Soap (night beauty soap) 】
The night beauty soap “Q10 Pure Engel Soap” was developed by Rie who has skin that doesn't look like 50 years old. For night care which is a key for making skin healthier and stronger, she made a soap that gets rid of dirt acquired from the outside and that clogs up the pores in the daytime.
【 Facial cleansing theory 】
“The type of dirt on skin is different in the morning and at night. Is it OK to use only one beauty soap?” Arising from this question, Rie developed morning and night soaps to respond to different types of dirt and impurities. The first priority is the skins softness, because minor abrasions also can be a cause of lines.

【 Formulating a product to combat dirty skin at night. 】
Facial cleansing at night is the key to making skin stronger. It's very important to sleep with clean and well-cared skin, because skin is very active during sleep. The night dirt contains dust from the outside air and makeup like foundation. Mineral oil impurities are often contained in the foundation. To remove these, the night soap contains coral clay, which removes impurities and dirt acquired at night

【 Supply nutrition and water + coating 】

After the coral clay cleansing , hyaluronan, ceramid and CoQ10 are activated in your skin. The night soap contains tea oil to preserve your skin's moisture and nutrients. The tea oil coats and protects your skin.

※  Please remove eye makeup and foundation in advance. Two-time facial cleansing is recommended.
● Type: Night beauty soap (Labelling on the package is “Face soap”)
●Characteristic ingredients: coral clay, hyaluronan, ceramid − 3, CoQ10(ubiquinone),Tea oil


Coral clay (from Yonaguni-jima)
Palm cleansing component
Aloe barbadensis extract
Garden balsam leaf extract
Ageing care
Tea oil
●Ingredients (same as package): soap base, water, glycerin, palm fatty acid, Hyaluronan Na, ceramid-3, Aloe barbadensis extract-1, coral (clay), Garden balsam leaf extract, tea oil, ubiquinone, polyglyceryl oleate-10, polyglyceryl stearate-10, lysolecithin, try (caprylic / caprylic asid) glyceryl, iron oxide, ethanol, BG, EDTA-4Na, etidronic acid

Base soap
Synthetic perfume ・ coloring free (purely soap)
Transparent and colorless, syrupy, dissolve easily in alcohol, insoluble in ether, freely soluble in water (= highly hygroscopic). It's frequently used for cosmetics because of its water retention ability.
Palm fatty acid
It is a fatty acid mixture which is obtained from palm oil. It is water-soluble, and produces a lot of foam. It's used as a main ingredient of face soap and shampoo etc.
Hyaluronan Na
It makes your skin smooth, and boosts the skin's ability to retain moisture

It protects your skin from external irritants, and reinforces the skins barriers which cut down on water evaporation from inside the body.

Aloe barbadensis extract-1

Aloe is a plant which is almost comprised of water, and has very little oil. We can make polysaccharide high quality soap, by combining with oil which is raw material of soap.

Coral (clay)

Coral has the highest UV blocking rate in the nature. In addition, it can defend from ultraviolet rays from all directions by breaking it down into globular structures.

Garden balsam leaf extract
UV protection, cell activation, anti- wrinkling
Tea oil
It contains a lot of oleic acid which is closest resembling to human oils. It helps whiten skin, reawakens the skins natural ability to maintain healthy equilibrium, and lifts it up as well as replenishing moisture.
Ubiquinone is the material which helps antioxidation and energy recovery of nutrients in the body. It's called coenzyme Q or CoQ.
polyglyceryl oleate-10
It stabilizes emulsification of products
polyglyceryl stearate-10
It increases feel and equilibrium of emulsification
Moisturizing action
try (caprylic / caprylic asid) glyceryl
Texture enrichener
Iron oxide
It's used as pigment (yellow).
Antimicrobial property
It protects the skin from drying
Lathering effect
etidronic acid
Etidronic acid electrically controls metal-ions like calcium and magnesium in water, halts their activity and finally removes them. It's used to prevent oxidation and discoloration which is caused by trace metal in water and substances.
● How to use: Lather with associated sponge. After lathering, gently wash your face
● PRECAUTIONS : Stop use if product disagrees with your skin or if you have any medical skin conditions.
● Best Before Date: 6 months after unsealed.
● Made in Japan