Face & Body Care by low frequency wave “Lifting Shape”
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Body, Conductive gloves (face gloves and body gloves),
Two pairs of inner gloves (plastic gloves), Glove cord, Storage bag,
4 AA size batteries

Item description 【 Face & Body Care by low frequency wave “Lifting Shape” 】
You can enjoy the low frequency wave treatment just as if you were in a beauty salon. Let's start looking after the body parts that are hard to ignore such as face and body lines. “Lifting Shape” is an easy-to-use glove facial kit. Face and body gloves have 5-degrees of low frequency wave power control that can be changed depending on the body part and your personal preferences. The face glove can give comprehensive treatment without irritation. The voltage is effectively carried throughout the body. For total body care and great looking skin try “Lifting Shape.”
【 For those hard to ignore face and body lines. 】
Please apply glove to where you want to treat. If you need face enhancing treatment, touch the mimetic muscles. If you need bust enhancing treatment, touch the greater pectoral muscle. If you need to loose excess fat from your stomach, touch the abdominal muscles. “Lifting Shape” stimulates muscles in each area, and tightens up the loose skin. It's so easy to use, and you can use it any time.Streamline your body every day!!
Facial expression muscles
Frontalis muscle  
This muscle extends vertically from above the eyebrows. It raises the eyebrows, and makes facial lines. Transverse wrinkles will remain after the aging of the frontalis muscles.
Corrugator supercilii muscle
This muscle surrounds the eyes and is responsible for opening and closing them. The muscle is generally very thin, so it can reflex quickly. However it unfortunately easily causes wrinkles.
Orbicularis oculi muscle   
This muscle surrounds the eyes and is responsible for opening and closing them. The muscle is generally very thin, so it can reflex quickly. However it unfortunately easily causes wrinkles.
Greater zygomatic muscle  
When you laugh with your mouth wide open (as in going “ha ha”) this muscle lifts up the corners of your mouth, and makes for an impressionable smile. If you exercise this muscle, you can get smooth looking and wrinkle resistant skin.
Lesser zygomatic muscle
This muscle is important for smiling as it keeps raised the corners of the mouth. By this action, cheeks loosen, and you will get a natural smile. If this muscle ages, your cheeks will sag.
Cheek muscle
This muscle extends towards both corners of the mouth from the joints in upper and lower jaws and raises the corners of the mouth. If the muscle ages, the corner s of the mouth will sag. This muscle is essential for smiling.
Masseter muscle  
It's also called the “chewing muscle”. This is the muscle that closes the jaw when you chew. It is commonly believed that you can avoid senility by regular chewing action.
The laughing muscle
This muscle helps stretch the corners of the mouth. It extends to the corner of the mouth from the jaws. It also causes the attractive dimpling effect. When you loose elasticity it can affect the mouths aesthetic appearance.
Depressor muscle of the mouth
This muscle pulls the jaw down . If the muscle gets overly exerted, vertical wrinkles will appear from the corner of the mouth to the lower jaw.
Orbicular muscle of mouth
This muscle is found around the mouth. It closes the mouth, and pushes the lips out. It also moves slightly the corners of the mouth. If the muscle gets overly exerted it can be of detriment to aging.
【 Face gloves 】 】
The fat on the face is spread very thin, so we used a fabric which softly stimulates the muscles. Using the special glove (which has a high rate of conducting electrical current)it gives you comfortable and effective treatment . It conducts an electrical current effectively without smarting pain related to low frequency wave facial equipment. ※ How to check if working: Hands are more sensitive to stimulation than other body parts, so you can confirm its activation by gloving directly.

【 Body gloves 】
The body gloves conducts the electrical current very well so that you may feel a slight sensation in your muscles.
【 Treatment specific to glove-type facial equipment 】
As the gloves fit well on your hands they can be adeptly used and finely controlled . From small to big, you can care for all your bodies muscles with your hands. You can also chose five different levels from low to high for your eye zone and face. (Body gloves only have one level.) Energy output can be selected depending on the body parts and your personal preferences.
【 You just need water and it is ready to use anywhere! 】
“ Lifting Shape” can treat you whenever you want, you just need water.
You don't need to wipe the gel off after use. It's so simple. In addition, AA size batteries can be used so that you can use it portably and on the go.
● Size:
<Body> = about 12cm long × 19.5cm wide × 3.6cm thick,
<Bag> = about 17cm long × 22cm wide × 9cm high (Outer material: Enamel, PVC)
<Glove cord> = about 150cm
● Weight (Body): about 390g
● Frequency: <eye zone> = 5 ~ 50Hz, <Face> = 3 ~ 30Hz, <Body> = 30Hz
● Electric power supply: 4 AA size batteries
(Battery Life: Can be used for twenty minutes a day for one month)
● How to use: Run water over the conductor glove, and attach the cord. Put on the plastic gloves, followed by the conductor gloves. Switch on and select power level before starting treatment.
● Power adjustment: 5 levels
●Glove usable life: 150 ~ 200 times with about 15 minutes-use (both sides) per usage.
※ It also depends on frequency of use, rubbed area and times washed.
● Recommended use: <eye zone> Use one or two times around your eyes in a week. Standard duration is 2~3 minutes per usage
. ※ Do not use on actual eye.
<Face> Use two or three times on your face (including head skin) in a week. Standard duration of use is approximately 10 minutes.
<Body> Use three to four times a week. The standard duration of use is about 15 minutes for each part. (For use on bust area do not use on the heart region.)
● Instruction manual and warranty (for 1 year) included
※ please read precautions carefully before use.
● Made in Japan (Bag: Made in China)